Ladies panties

I am married for 43 years, about 13 years ago I started to like touching my wife's underwear. I then secretly started to wear panties when she was away. I give me enormous satisfaction, but I kept it a secret. I one's mentioned to me wife that I would like to wear panties rather than the men's undies. She questioned me why and I told her that it feels so much better on me than the men's undies. She gave me a pair of hers to try on and I told her it feels great. She then said the only problem would be if I end up in hospital while wearing them. Would it be wrong to wear ladies panties?

Dec 9

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  • It’s not an addiction, it is simply a part of who we (crossdressers) are. CD’s tend to be more attentive lovers, calmer and better husbands, fathers, and friends. Most CD’s are married. No one gets upset when women wear pants, or business suits but if you crossdress many today still see it as an affliction. We see it as a wonderful addition to life, even though it comes with some bumps and bruises along the way. Embrace the entire you! Being honest with your wife, partner, girlfriend about your crossdressing can lead to not only amazing s**, but also a much better relationship. I am a happily married CD and started dressing, as so many others, before I was ten years old. I am now 62 and wearing panties right now, as always. My wife is wearing matching panties today as a matter of fact. Tonight should be fun!

  • When I I feel like being a 👧 I wear panties bras garters pantyhose sexy nightys 👙👗👚.momspantysniffer

  • I have a lady friend in the USA who I know now for many years. I confessed to her about this and she actually loved it. She had sent me some of her panties and they are just magical.

  • I am 15 and from 12 i was addicted to it when i use to alone i use to wear , but when my sister is there i hide them in my t shirts but now i am trying to remove this addiction because i want to live as a boy only

  • But do you want to become a women for ever

  • I wear ladies panties most of the time , as you say they are more comfortable than mens underwear , and as for being in hospital wearing them i would say doctors and nurses have seen far worse and they dont take any notice , ive been to my doctors when wearing them and she dont bother

  • True the bras and panties both are comfortable

  • No . but i you wear too many times then you will get addicted to it how i got to bras . but now trying to avoid to try them

  • Thanks for the opinion, I am addicted to them, or so I feel, I would love to wear them. I do so when my wife is gone on a trip!

  • Doesn’t your package fall out of the thong?

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