I jerked off to my daughters panties while she was in the shower

My daughter was about 24 and living on her own. she invited me out to dinner one day and when I came over she was just getting ready to shower as she got home from work late and wanted to freshen up. I watched as she ran from her room to the bathroom in a large towel and I got turned on. when I heard the shower start I went to her room and saw her panties on the floor which she must have just taken off. I smelled them and then wrapped them around my hardness while I listened against the bathroom door while she showered. I shot a huge load into it and then tossed them back on the floor in her room. I dont think she ever found out, at least she never said anything.

Dec 10, 2020

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  • Nice! What would you have done if she asked!!

  • I used to do the same thing when my adult SD was still living at home.
    When she was living with a roommate I had to build some shelves. No one was home so I checked her hot roommates room. In her side drawer I found a vibrator and two condom wrappers and a box of condoms. The roomie had a bf so no surprise. But it turned me on so I Che KW’s her hamper and found some well worn panties and jacked into them and put them back, laid out and right on top and closed the lid.
    My SD came home about two minutes later, whew!!
    Then the hot roomie and her mom came in and said they’re hellos and went into her room and didn’t come out the rest of the evening. To this day I wonder if she and her mom found her fresh cummy panties in the hamper.
    It turns me on to think they did!!

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