Allah is f*****

Muslims are f****** because their already was
He f***** everyone that this d*** got half cut
To what they say khatna

Shut up f******
You destroy our world
You are a sin on earth
Die you f******



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  • Why this is important to rave and rant at mommypost dodo brain?

  • You must have family issuesπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ wrong place to be

  • Khatna (circumcised) c**** are great - their flared rims rub my g-spot so well that I reach o****** quickly. Till now I have come across 7 khatna-c****!

  • Circumcised penises are the best to suck and be f***** by. I love them

  • What in the west virginia

  • All religions are stupid, mindless people believing what they are told and killing each other over some crap that was told to them when they were young and clueless.

  • Totally agree!

  • Watch some popeye cartoons

  • You be more careful or them MF muslims will send you a fatwah! And then oh boy watch out! it all over for you then boy! them n***** is serious business all day! all day! and all night!

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