F*** my life & my stalkers

This is my 3rd time writing this as for some reason it was blocked the first 2 times. So I’m tired of rewriting this so I’ll make it as brief as possible. I don’t know if I’m schizophrenic and hearing voices or if I am actually hearing my neighbours, which I pretty sure I am. I am h**** ass 19 year old who jerks off to pornhub and hentai. My neighbours and most likely my family hacked my devices since they heard me jerking off and wanted to know what I j*** off too and found out I j*** off to hentai. These nosy f****** told the neighbours or the neighbours were the ones who hacked my devices in the first place but my neighbours are the ones causing me the most anguish. They ruined my life and my psyche since they won’t shut up about me jerking off to hentai. I have never jerked off to anything illegal and now everyone thinks I’m a pervert or worse because of my hentai. I’m not a f****** pedophile because I like hentai but my neighbours won’t shut up about it. They keep talking about how I j*** off to hentai and since I have thin walls my neighbours pay stalkingly close attention and listen in on everything I do even when I go to the bathroom to j*** off or not. All they do is talk about me jerking off to hentai and they tell everyone they know which has ruined my life I can’t leave the house without being unfairly judged. Not that I’m a social person to begin with I’d rather live in solitude with no one knowing or caring about who I am or what I do but that’s not going to happen now. With my neighbours only talking about how I j*** off, even though I don’t do it every day. They’ve started to make s*** up about me to make it seem way worse than it is and assume I j*** off everywhere because they don’t know what I’m doing but know I j*** off. I can’t live a normal life anymore, without being stigmatized and I don’t want to live in this life anyway where I’ll just work a miserable job and die. I know I’m a degenerate and the family disgrace but none of this would’ve happened if you just all minded your f****** business. Goodbye to everyone that actually loved me and f*** my neighbours. I know it’s possible that my family started the hacking but at least they don’t constantly talk about it except for one person so f*** them, but I can’t hold any resentment as I love my entire family. I just wish I had more ambition to live a normal life. Goodbye for now. And maybe forever. I don’t know what’s in the afterlife but I really hope it’s not h***. I probably missed something so I’ll probably update it with a new post if I’m not dead already

Dec 11, 2020

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