Secret Teen S***

I’m 18 and everyone I know thinks I’m an innocent dorky girl. They think I just sit at home all day watching movies and shows not interacting with the outside world. Even my parents make the off handed comment that I should “get out more”.

What they don’t know is I’m h**** little s*** and have been for awhile.

I was barely 14 when I let the older boys at school feel me up behind the gym while I jerked their hard c****. I was so h**** during school days, my p**** would get so wet, I’d leave to go to the bathroom and touch myself. A senior emo lesbian caught me once and invited me to her house where we kissed and touched each other all night. She was the first person to ever lick me.

By 16, I knew the hs boys were too small for me. I became determined to see older c*** with my own eyes and started lying on chat sites. I was flooded with these men my dad’s age and older begging to f*** me, showing me their hard c****, and it sent me over board. I needed a grown man’s c*** in me and fast. I got the courage to meet up with one of them and when he picked me up his c*** was already out and standing straight up. Because I could chicken out I leaned over and sucked his c***. It was life changing feeling his hard c*** fill my mouth and hearing him groan, I needed more. I sucked deeper and harder, reaching down to touch myself, moaning like all the p*** girls I’ve watched. Before long he pulled me right on to his c*** and had me ride him. Feeling this man use my young body made me feel alive.

I was hooked. I started sneaking and stealing sexy clothes from the mall, lying to my parents about going the library or a sleepover, telling my friends I had “a lot of school work to do” when in reality I was meeting up with men between 40-60 to get railed by them. I was c****** multiple times a session with them, some even brought their friends to use my tight little p****.

The best session was with a man who was 55, older than my dad, when I was just 17. He took me to this amazing hotel for a weekend and treated me like a princess but he told everyone there that I was his daughter. Especially down by the pool, I was wearing a tiny string bikini and he talked about my body with the other men , saying I was such a good girl back home and really a good “daddy’s girl”. He f***** me harder and better than any other man that weekend. Round after round of me dressing in these sexy little outfits for him, him touching my body, kissing me, licking me, me sucking him. He used every hole, had me screaming “Daddy!” As he f***** me.

So now I’m almost 19 and hooked on c*** and the occasional p****. I’m h**** all the time and still sneaking out for a quick f*** or suck. Yet no one I keep close knows this. They think I’m a virgin who hasn’t even been kissed.

Dec 12, 2020

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  • Can you take a 10 inch very thick large head c***?. i get sucked by gay males for my large c*** head and c** load

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