Braking in her ass

My ex wife always loved s** and really enjoyed threesome but hated the thought of a*** and said it even sounded gay .
One night well drinking with a buddy I asked if I could ask him a personal question and then told him how I wanted to f*** the wife's ass and how she said it sounded gay even asking her to try it and how it was never going to happen. His first response was sound gay. H*** I want to f*** that sweet tight ass as well and I'm sure not gay.
After that I asked a few other guys if it was gay wanting to f*** a hot woman's ass .most guys said when you look down doing a hot woman doggie style how can a guy not want to see how tight it is.
One guy asked why I was asking so I told him how my wife liked threesomes Doig double vag and how I want her to do a*** and how she felt about it. He suggested that next time she wants a threesome to pick a friend that wants her ass and arrange for a accedent to happen.
When the night came we ate supper and drinks then put on a p*** and offered the wife a massage. When she was falling asleep I suggested we go to bed. She looked at buddy and asked if he was coming and he said will de right there. Just make sure your on top or your husband might be in trouble.when he come in the lights were dim and he asked if she was ready to take it in one stroke.. she said sure why not then I leaned her forwards sucking her t*** and spread her cheek making sure my fingers were right by her ass hole. He gets on the bed hard and lubed and in one stroke goes b**** deep in her ass.
She says ouch and he said that didn't hurt and dose it again and she says ouch again. He then says it never hurt you any other time or did my d*** grow. She says no your d*** never grew and the ouch is because it's in my ass. He jokingly says then I better hurry and c** before you make me stop. She then tells him it's her first time and it feels better then sh3 thought but take it easy and she will try it. A sort time later I'm just laying there holding her down as he's going b**** deep so hard she's almost bouncing off my d***.
When he comes he leaves with her sitting on my d*** and she gets off my d*** and gets on all fours looking at me and feels me now f*** that ass you've been bugging me about. When I push my d*** in she says ouch louder the before and I ask if her ass is to soar and she says no it's just your c*** is thicker then his was. I slowly f***** ass and tell her I'm ready to c** and she says then f*** it good itt you blow and I give her about six hard thrusts and too more as I c**.
We lay there a bit with my c*** shrinking in her ass and she says how she liked it and how we would have to try again. A few nights later she wanted to try but tensed up every time I went to try. I look at her and say I guess the only way I'm getting that ass is after your next threesome surprise.

Dec 16, 2020

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