When I was 11 I beat up my gay music teacher

Ok... in short my music teacher was a gay musician that embarrassed the kids as best he could... even to this day this guy embarrasses them...
One day I forgot my notes. He took my duffle bag full of lunch, books and everything else I had and dumped it out all over the place in front of my whole class yelling at me. He took my lunch up and dumped it on the ground and told me to clean it up...I was embarrassed and angry... he walked over and patted me on the top of my head and was saying awe awe...
So, I told him to f... himself and f.... you, punched him in the stomach and marched out of the class. When he reached for me I told him another f you and walked out the door upset.
He stopped me in the hallway and told me never to do that and expelled me...
I sat in the r and r department. The kids that heard about it gathered at the door cheering and yelling my name with glory...
I stood up to an a...... that day but I’m sorry that I couldn’t take it in stride but he left me alone for the remainder of my time there.



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  • I get the school yard justification but why bother mentioning the gay part?

  • Because I think he loathed himself and took it out on everyone else

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