Pedo mom

Then, I was not even 11 years old, I started the swimming pool, I was thin in build, you know at that age you start with desires and fantasies with other girls of that age! I was obsessed with an 8 year old girl, one piece swimsuit, but very pretty, I masturbated in the locker room a lot of times! in short, I made friends with her, she was always accompanied by her mother, a young woman! we used to say goodbye, and my mom often greeted me too, well I don't know how but I tried with her, that is, while waiting for the shift to start I sat with her and joked, and every now and then I put my hand on her knee, making small caresses, she laughed , sometimes he took my hand away, it happened that I told him just if he showed me the ** and I showed him my small **! at first she said no, then another day she gave in, we were in another room, she had pulled down her overalls and I had her shorts, then her **, she had a nice **, I had a hard **, and I told him if she wanted to touch him, I touched her softly! he held my ** in her hand for a while, then I jerked off in front of her, until I **! she surprised a little, she decided to go out! I thought she was offended, the following week, I was out of the pool, she comes with her mother as usual, her mother comes over and tells me "I have to talk to you now" .. from there I let you imagine, I was terrified she knew why her daughter told her! she scolded me saying that I should never allow myself again, then she asks me that strange question "does my daughter make you hard? Did you want to do something? I immediately" no no, I'm sorry "then she, I want to see your little thing if is big, I did not believe what he told me, I a little scared, with the excuse we went to a public bathroom outside the pool, the daughter was in the car, here he made me take my ** out, and he made me the proposal that I did not expect "if you want to do something with my daughter, you have to let me do something else2 I did not answer immediately, then she told me that we would go to her house instead of working the pool1 that day came and she was by car and invites me to go with her to her house, I was actually afraid, but I was convinced and went with her! she was not very far from the public swimming pool, we arrived, we went in the daughter was on the sofa, the mother told me to go with her to a room and the filfia would come as well, in short between fear and embarrassment she told me to undress, and she too and his daughter would do it! once I was naked, I was lying on the bed and she got on top of me telling me to relax, she took off her shirt and all the rest and started touching me and kissing my belly up to the bottom, then she made her semi-naked daughter come she positioned herself with her ** on my face and told me mom to touch and lick it a little bit, meanwhile she put my soft ** in her mouth and started sucking it, it was amazing and I didn't believe it, for the first time I was licking a **, my mother first licked then with her hand she masturbated me and said that she liked these things! I came after a while, and she licked it all, the little **! then it was the daughter who put my licking ** in her mouth, she rubbed her ** on me, on my **, once it hardened again my mother stretched out and wanted me to put it in her mouth, she helped me to push, seen my age, pushing me with my hands on my **, it was great, taking turns, the daughter too then got my ** inside, she was warm and wet, while the daughter was sitting on top of me, my hand was in the ** mom's **, but I didn't ** inside him, he continued with his hand to ** me until he **! yes, she was a pedo mom, her husband was gone long ago! I'll never forget that afternoon! I haven't told anyone this story which, although it seems absurd, is true! many years have passed!

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  • Write a lie when you are sober and not on meth

  • Mental midget

  • You are not even 11 years old now are you??

  • Sometimes you write about a girl and sometimes it's a boy.


  • It was confusing to me

  • I have no clue what you are on about. Read before posting.

  • I agree

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