I want to watch my sister get gang raped

I want to rape my sister with 4 or 5 other guys. I want first shot at her p**** and a***. After I am done, I want to sit back and watch guys use and abuse her and c** in all holes.

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  • Your a sick individual if you have to rape a woman to get Laid. And what's worse, it's your sister. Then you want your friends to nail her as well? Your the kind of Pathetic Cockroach that needs to be exterminated.

  • This is sick

  • I was raped b4S k y p e Annie price 123

  • I was raped b4 3 times

  • Text my wickr lollagucci my sister is 10 and I want to do the same thing

  • Shes 10 you sick f***

  • That’s the hot part

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