I gave my son a b******

Really, the title says it all. As a mother, it’s something you hear about and either shrug off or you simply don’t view your own child that way. My oldest turned 19 during the pandemic and I noticed with all of us being in the house more he had been looking at me, taking a few pieces of my clothing, glancing down at my b****** etc. I’m no young looking Bambi at 49, but when my son told me he had been pent up all year on lockdown and asked me for a b****** I was completely shocked. I didn’t know my son would even view me that way, let alone want something from me. He begged a couple of times, and I got completely naked for him and deepthroated him until he came. My husband passed 6 years ago, and was considerably smaller in size, so it was a bit much to take down but I managed to deepthroat him all the way several times. It was the most excited I’ve felt in a long time, and was the largest I’d ever had in my mouth. I started to feel a bit tired, and my throat and jaw became sore, but I wanted to make sure he finished so I kept going and telling myself this was the only time I would ever do this. When he came he absolutely shot ROPES AND ROPES of s****. I gagged and choked profusely, but swallowed it all because I wanted to make sure he was completely satisfied. I continued giving him deepthroat for a few more minutes until he went soft. I was so shocked, embarrassed, turned on, shy, and excited all at the same time, but I haven’t done it since or anything like that since. He wanted to have intercourse with me, but I wouldn’t allow it. I did let him fondle my b******. I masturbated that night and came harder than I had in a long time. My son and I don’t talk about it but he and I both remember.

Dec 22

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  • No. You. Didn't.
    You're just another fifty-something pervy bloke who gets off on this sort of thing. Go and get your legs slapped.

  • Strange but it life

  • Why wouldn't you allow s**??

  • Tell us more I love you

  • If it's a fantasy, carry on.
    If it's a fake story, Yawn.
    If it's real life confession--consensual, adult incest is fine and safer considering blackmail, exploitation, extortion and heart brakes .
    Maintain secrecy.

  • STOP this FAKE s***, it's ruining the purpose of this site!

  • Sorry hun, I'm as real as they get. First confession for me, sorry for the asterisks. Something confession post did, not myself.

  • Tell us more do you m********* think about sucking him off or fantasize when you are sucking off your husband or your boyfriend that it's your your son's c*** is instead

  • S** with a mature woman is always better as she is rich in experience and enjoy s** with abandoned inhibition. Carry on having s** with your son an teach him all about IT ...

  • Weird as f*** but who am i to judge.

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