Biden,Gets vaccine.... Talk about bullshit grandstanding

Biden and his minions take a sugar water shot on National TV claiming its the vaccine so the people will follow like sheep to receive said vaccine .Not in my life time..

Dec 23, 2020

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  • The smart money is on waiting to see what side effects the vaccines have. These were carefully researched certainly, but hastily tested. The Moderna version in particular is causing side effects. Now that the virus has mutated, they're not sure the vaccines will do anything for this new version.

    I'm fine keeping distance, washing my hands and wearing a mask in public. I'll let the lab monkeys take the vaccines though. Once I'm sure the cure isn't worse than the disease I'll consider it.

  • Sugar water?????
    So he is gay.
    This world is messed up

  • Not as messed up as your big mouth/small brain combo that you're so proud of.

  • Shut up Trump sucker

  • Right? The last four years was them either screeching "F*** UR FEELINGS" in between temper tantrums. Now *their* precious fee-fees are all hurt now. Buckle up for at least four years of feeling like you're in a daycare filled with toddlers having sugar crashes. Bunch of fuckwits.

  • How does this relate to their feelings? some people just dont want a vaccine that mutates their RNA for there own safety, and the fact trump recommend Hydroxychloroquine as a cure and the democratic party went crazy calling it a sham then months later saying it could be a potential cure like they came up with it themselves makes people weary of any vaccine they come out with

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