I f***** a married Filipino Co-Worker

This happened about 6 years ago, I was teaching at a school in China and I noticed Johnette was being flirtacious with me. I was a bit surprised because she was married but her husband had gone back to the UK.
We got to hang out and she told me she was frustrated in her marriage and it was clear she had a lot of pent up sexual energy. We had good conversation and connected on a mental and physical level and the friendship developed into something more like friends with benefits. She came back to my apartment one time and we started cuddling and making out. It was a bit strange seeing her in the workplace but exciting at the same time. We'd meet up in secret and things would get steamy between us but never went much further than kissing and touching. It felt naughty and erotic knowing that she was a married woman.
One evening she came to me after an argument with her OH, I felt like I should be there to listen to her and support her but I coudn't help but take advantage of her.
She was talking to me about her relationship problems but as I watched her lips moving all I could think about was her sucking my c***. I slipped my hand up her top as she was talking and slowly started undoing her bra and massaging her b******, she was still focused on talking and didn't seem to object so I carried on. I could see she was starting to breathe more quickly and she was getting turned on. She reached up my shirt, started rubbing my chest and we started making out on my bed. We got under the covers and removed our clothes except for our underwear. She rolled onto her front and asked me to massage her but I was already hard and wanted to f*** her. Instead of massaging her I slipped off my underwear and gently pulled her underwear aside to gain access to her p****. I pushed my hard c*** against her, she was surprised but let out a moan which sounded like she liked the feeling. She said no but I took this as feeling a bit guilty and I could tell she didn't want me to stop. Her p**** was tight but a little moist. I felt the resistance this time but I pushed it harder and it popped inside. She let out another moan and she tried pushing back on me but I didn't want to stop. She was pushing me away but it just made me harder. I started thrusting my c*** deep inside her p****. I could feel her getting wet and after about 30 seconds she stopped resisting and started pulling me closer and deeper inside her. I was pounding her hard for 4-5 minutes when her phone started ringing and she had to stop and excuse herself to answer it.
By the time she got off the call she had decided not to continue. I asked what was up, but she just said she should probably go. I was frustrated and needed to climax so I asked her if she could at least give me a handjob before she left.
She agreed and got into my bed and started rubbing my c*** back and forth until I e*********. We did say much after that, she cleaned up and left for the night.
We would see each other in the staff room and pass each other at school now and then both keeping this secret but not talking about it.
I later found out that she had hooked up with an Irish co-worker/ mutial friend of ours. What surprised me more was on the night she was with me, it was him that had phoned her. I found out she liked him and decided to back to his apartment and get him to finish the job! Now she's back in the UK and I bet her husband has no idea what a naughty wife she's been! As they say... "when the cat's away the mice will play"

Dec 28, 2020

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  • True. I've seen a LOT of situations similar to this

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