Anyone willing to go into little sisters or little daughter's (9-13) room into her dirty laundry pull out a few pairs of her dirty panties secretly send them to me I will pay $50 for 5 pairs. Serious thank you.

Dec 29, 2020

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  • You sick f****** pedophile! I hope the authorities set you up and take you off the streets.

  • Sister is 10 and a virgin I’m asking 1900$ one night bring drugs unless your okay with screaming and crying lol if not I’m also down to sell videos and pics of her

  • ^^ it’s me my wickr is lollagucci my snap is ynrich-oz screen shot this or send me the link so I know where you are from

  • Wait! That is only $10 each! I’m NOT sending my 14y/o daughters panties to some stranger for $10 Bucks! That’s not worth the risk!

  • He said 9-13 not 14 and he said for 5 and you can just set up a different account so you don’t get sent to jail be smart

  • F****** pedophiles! I hope someone gets you and beats the s*** out of you!

  • Lollagucci is my wickr I will do this and anything els I have a 10 year old sister

  • Lol

  • Why you can't ask this for a woman your age?

  • You're a sick f***. Hope you go to jail.

  • What's your email?

  • Gross thats pedophelic!!!

  • Do you love dirty panties? fetishist?

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