My sister has the best p**** ever

Once when my sister and I were adults and started getting high together. We were alone at my parents doing meth. She was spun and started talking about how h**** .eth .are her and how she had some p*** if I wanted to watch it. If I wanted to bring so.eone over to f*** she was cool with it. Then she told me she knew I had a big d*** and ask me if she could see it. Then she said would it bother you if I watch pork with you and at with my p****. I said no thats fine. She said she wanted me to tell her what I wanted her to do. She ask me to suck her t****** and she would jack my d***. She said she wanted me to skull f*** her and she would be my w**** to abuse and use as a f*** doll. She said will you be my big d*** daddy. I wanna be your f*** toy daddy. I f***** my sister all weekend and made her my b****. She has been my s** slave since that day and I love to f*** that b**** down. She can suck d*** like Noone else can. I will f*** that b**** for the rest of my life daily.

Dec 30

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  • Damn are u serious and is that really your biological sister, like from same mother and father? I'm not sure if ur really being for real

  • Some confessions are real but unfortunately some are fantasy

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