I gave my step bro a b******* and he has a gf!

So since i moved in with my aunt and uncle due to like family stuff im now living with boys. my aunt and uncle adopted me so im their kid and my uncle finally married my aunt so his boys and i arent related technically theyre my step brother cousins in law. and since i moved in the youngest (in his early 20s) has been making subtle, very subtle passes at me. I did the same back to him, im also very hyper sexual. Last night he came home late from his girlfriends house, around 1 ish i think. he stayed in my room after he was done getting ready for bed and we talked until like 4 am. We swapped s** stories and stuff and he casually asked if i would ever suck his d*** and i was like uhm depends i guess. so then i learned that he is bisexual, and that his gf doesnt do stuff with him. shes religious and saving herself for marriage and stuff. so im on my period rn and i told him right before he was about to leave that id would give him a b****** when he came back from a 4 day trip hes going on, as long as he reciprocated. he said he wouldnt mind doing stuff right then and i was like i cant im on my period and he was like oh ok. He said "can i see your b****?" and i was like omg u sound like a virgin and i pulled up my shirt and bent down and sucked my nipples. he then just like whipped out his d*** and it was massive dude, it was prolly 7 1/2 in but it was also THICK dude. so i gave him a lil head for like 2 minutes and it was rly hot. when i was done he like wiped up his pre-c** on his finger and i sucked his finger and he left and said that when he gets back he hopes no one is home. now today hes barely talking to me and his girlfriend is in my living room!

Jan 1, 2021

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