I had lesbian s** with my best friend

I often thought about having s** with a woman. Although i prefer man, i often found myself thinking about being intimate with my best friend. We have had so many sleep over. Once when my mom and dad were somewhere else, we had a sleep over. As my parents were not home and was not coming for 3 days, we started doing wild things. Like bringing boys, watching porns with volume up. We had played a game of truth and dare. I dared her to kiss mile on the lips. When her soft lip touched mine i just lost it. I grabbed her b**** and squeezed it hard. I was embarrassed but she did the same to me. She started kissing on my neck and started undressing me. Soon we were naked and sucking each other's round t***. She started biting my nipples slowly and i was in heaven. She went down on my p**** and licked my p**** like it was filled woth chocolate. I then wend down on her. We kissed and sucked each other for a long time, then she went over me and started rubbing her p**** on my p****. It was the best feeling ever. I came so hard that day. We still f*** each other often when there is no one.

Jan 2, 2021

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  • Sounds hot. I feel ya, this may b why when it comes to s**, I can b like a lesbian, i mean I can see myself being with a girl I love like this and staying together and not need to b with a man sexually haha.

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