S** ban

My wife put us on a s** ban for know reason and because of that i couldn't stop thinking about s**,I had to go back home and was about to go into my bedroom when i seen my 20 year old daughter taking pics off herself dressed up in white stockings with lace underwear and instantly got aroused and stepped in my bedroom and started wanking off thought i closed the door behind me when i heard mum wasn't lying and turned to see my daughter there still dressed as she was,she walked in as i was about to pull up my trousers i told her to leave and she went and sat on the bed my c*** was still hard,she was so close i couldn't help but look she tells me mum tells me everything now i seen she was right it has turned me on when she goes in to detail and my c*** twitched and she looks at me said now your thinking of me and with that she flicked my c*** and i couldn't take i took I shirt off as i closed the door and she stood up not sure if she knew what was about to happen i pushed her back on to the bed which made her phone drop near her flipped her over on her stomach and ripped off her knickers and f***** her so hard she was moaning loud and i was going to stop kept f****** away when i felt a hand on my back and a face appeard was my wife,it was a setup by them both been planning it for sometime now that's why she put a ban on us having s**,my wife was telling me to keep going so my daughter took my frustration poor girl looked a mess with her makeup over her face,my wife seems to want to watch us and only a few times joined in.

Jan 4, 2021

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  • Calling bullshit on this one

  • Did you keep f@####g your daughter and do you f### Your wife regularly

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