I want to be raped

I dont know why but I've always wanted to be raped, to be in pain, to beg someone to stop. I've been abused many times and its like I cant live without pain. I'm not sure how I should handle this, do i need mental help?

Jan 5, 2021

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  • No. You need my help. I'd be glad to rape you!

  • Can I have ur email? it can be an anon one I don’t need ur name...

  • Do you really have no idea at all why that you can say? And have you been abused sexually or not that way?

  • How I'd appreciate an online chat with a woman who desires this. I'm an introvert, but sexually I'm quite perverse. Kingtraphic@gmail.com

  • You want it as its a way replay the rape and feel in control of it. I have gone through similar things do I get it.

  • I have a thing to want to b raped too, it's a sexual desire for me while it's wrong and bad and perverted and can ever b self harmful and make me a slave to some perverted sexual thing, it's a secret of mine that is most hard to fight to keep from affecting me it seems, well what makes it so may b cuz I'm not at my best and more to being at my worst so far I been to b weak and not strong at all, I hope u'll b safe and not put yourself in danger, I want u to b careful and don't b badly affective by what u feel, if u don't mind texting me if u feel like it, feel free to do so, u can msg on instagram at darklight_waywards1

  • I made a post about the same thing, I've been abused but I want to be abused and raped more even though I know it's wrong. I also thought I was broken. It's nice to see someone else with the same issue I have, I hope you're okay

  • I am a guy and went through abuse and understand you both! Hugs to you both

  • Well it's not a nice thing to see that they want to be in pain to be abused, it can be self harmful. I see what you're saying tho.

  • Please seek professional help with a licensed Psychologist

  • The American's answer to everything...

    "I feel lonely" - "See a psych"
    "I am happy for some reason" - "See a psych"
    "I sometimes feel like my life isn't going in the direction I wanted" - "Get your head checked.

    Not only does it not help... That's how you get thousands of new disorders being attributed to normal deviances in human behaviour to justify some sad c***'s job...

  • Common fantasy, email if you want to chat

  • Whats your email

  • Please be careful talking to strangers online he/she/they might not have your best interest at heart

  • They did get in contact and we spoke about therapy etc just to put your mind at rest

  • So it was a waste of your time.

  • Bullshark2462@gmail.com

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