I've always wanted to have a ** but my bf is against it, I've tried to convince him multiple times but nothing seems to work. How should I go about this situation?

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  • One night during ** my husband told me his fantasy . it was to find me and a old girlfriend of his in bed . at 1st i was annoyed but it did excite me .i knew her well and i asked her would she and she jumped at the chance . so one saturday night he came home to find lisa and me in bed . he soon joined us . wow what a night . so good lisa moved in with us and last year we both gave birth to his 2sons . we are a now a loving family .

  • Part 1
    Was married over 40 years, we always read Penthouse Letters and Penthouse Forum, I told my wife I would love a ** with another woman, she said she did. We never could get 1 together even though she had been with a friend of mines mom once before we were married. So all the reading we did was WMW and she would practically eat my face after I went downtown.

    These conversations went on for the first 3 years of our marriage. I started getting turned on to the idea of her possibly having a ** with a friend of mine but never knew how to approach the subject. She always said she was not interested in another guy. So I started telling her things I thought about, which in a nonchalant way was us doing a ** with a guy lived with us, not coming straight out with it.. II would tell her to tie me on the bed get me all hot then go downstairs for a half hour then come up see where we could get. She never caught on that I never mentioned getting dressed knowing he was downstairs.

  • I guess I am a bad girlfriend, but if I wanted to try a **, I would contact an old boyfriend and suggest it to him as a secret. I know my old boyfriend would jump at the chance.

  • Perhaps start with a ** with another woman ... if you are into that.

    What kinds of things would you like to try in the threesomes you've been imagining ?

  • I think he is wither scared or nervous. Talk with him and ask him why he doesn't. I know i love doing it with my wife. It might be because he will be jealous and he doesnt want to see another guy naked. Talk with him more and hear what he says.

  • Do it behind his back. If he won’t do it, I guarantee there are other guys who will.

  • If he really isn't wanting to do it, i wouldn't press the issue too much. It could ruin your relationship, but if you dont plan on being together long. Invite another girl into the bed. Most men wont refuse 2 women at once.

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