Caught my son watching p*** while I was watching tv

Most of the times when my son is coming after school he goes to the computer to do his homework and I cook and watch the tv at the same time. The computer and the tv are in the living room so sometimes I would watch by seconds and by mistake the screen of the computer, is always happening as we are sharing the same space but the screens are facing different directions.

One day he was in the computer and I was cooking and watching the tv, from one to another moment I saw a little window in the computer, that was a window of a woman getting f*** really hard and a big window of his email. He was pretending reading his email! I started to feel so weird and shock at the begging, I wanted to go directly to him and tell him to close intermediately that window but I did not really new if that was a good idea as I know he is 15 and is really normal for man to explore themselves so I did not say nothing.

Another day he was again in the computer and I needed to go outside home for only 10 minutes I told him I was coming back soon. When I came back I saw he was jerking his p**** in front of the computer I was again shock and I just pretended nothing happened, he intermediately tried to hide his p**** in his pans but that was really late I saw him. After that he turned off the computer and went to his bedroom. I don't know how to really react.

4 days after I though everything was a short momentum of necessity from him so that day I finished early cooking and decided to take my make up in the sofa. He was in the computer and just in that moment realized I could watch his screen. I did not wanted because I know he is a really calm boy and I though he was not doing it again with me really closed. But I watched and he was watching again p*** I don't know what to do, or should I talk to him?

Jan 6, 2021

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  • I think you shouldnt stop him. i think he may even be sexually aroused with you being near him when he watches p*** and likes to touch his d*** around hos mommy. you may even start touching yourself a little down there as well so that he can see that theres nothing wrong with a little fondling

  • It happens

  • Society has trained people over the last 75 years that 15-year-old boys are still babies. The truth is 15-year-olds are men by biological standards. 15-year-olds are ready to hump anything that will move even somethings that will not. J********** is all they have to relieve themselves. They need to relieve themselves. There is a pressure that builds up that is sort of hurts if released.
    Leave him alone and let him do what nature has set in motion. Not society that has falsely taught you he is still your baby.

  • This is the most common case of... Why would you do something?

  • Just leave him alone, 15 year old boys do this

  • Every boy wants to make love to his mother.

  • No, every boy does not want to make love to his mother. There’s something wrong with you. Get help.

  • They do unless their gay like you.

  • I do!

  • I first f***** my mum.when I was 19 and mum was 52 after several years of spying on her undressing. She finally gave in after I asked her many times.
    We had s** for about 15 yrs.
    I adored my mum's hairy f****.
    I'll never forget.
    Mum was my best f*** ever and I remember vividly.

  • Luv to find a married woman that wants s**.

  • Bookman on good time delivered the wrong painting. because he wanted the sweet potato pie

  • He is probably fantasizing about you when he watches.

  • I don't think so he is a good boy

  • Fantasizing about you doesn't make him bad

  • He is. Probably fantasizing about you when he watches.

  • No don't stop him help him

  • I don't. How do you recommend me to help him?

  • Rub his c*** while u watch p*** together hun

  • Show him how to properly m*********

  • Show him how to properly m*********

  • When he is gone have a tech come in and install p*** site blockers

  • Yes. Because those TOTALLY work... Tiny brained people on the internet... jesus christ...

  • Have you told your husband about it? Does it turn you on that he was watching p***?

  • Are you married?

  • Yes I am

  • Why do you ask?

  • That's hot! You married? I bet you wanted to see what he was watching. Was his c*** hard in front of you?

  • No. Not at all and I have no idea

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