Touching d****

When I was 12 my neighbor ask'ed to go to the woods and touch p****'s. We both got hard right away. He was leaking precum it looked so tasty I dropped to me knees and started licking him. Next thing I know I'm sucking on his c*** and loving it. He cam in my mouth I stood up and gave him a very wet kiss. He loved it and went down on me. We swapped c** with a big kiss. We were both still rock hard so I ask'd if I could lick his b**** and ass, he just bent over I went to work it tasted great. I laid down and he sat on my face I ate his ass until he cam all over me. We kissed and rub c**** together I asked him if he would f*** my ass he said yes. He broke my cherry it hurt at first but once he was all the way in I shot a load all over myself. I'm 60 now been married so has he. We still get together and have fun with his kids and grandkids. C** all around.

Jan 8

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  • At the age of 12 me and my friend have done the same without any c**.

  • I was 20, headed to the coast. There is a wayside with rest rooms about halfway, I needed to go so I stopped. I noticed there way a bicycle outside but thought nothing of it.
    I went inside, two stalls, on occupied. As I was finishing up, a hand and note appeared below the partition.
    Please let me suck you off. It read.
    Now that was new, but what the h***, why not?
    No one else around so I opened the next stall door, her sat a kid maybe 15 or so, pants around his knees.
    He had a really cute little thing, maybe 3 inches but really hard. We took turns, when done I went out, got in my car and left.

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