My best friend's mom and I had a late night farting contest in the kitchen last night. She ended up pooping her pants. She was embarrassed but I think seeing me laugh made her feel better and now we have a special bond over farts

Jan 9

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  • Bonding over farts- Geez people have got nothing else better to do! Sensitive young lady - I don't think so!

  • Yeah, you don't think so because you don't think.

  • Do you think B4 u blurt out nonsense?

  • Thats super funny too cute thanks!!

  • Let me fart on your face and then we shall see if it is cute!

  • It's really nice the way you removed the embarrassment for her. . . . that was thoughtful and lovely. Good work by you! You're a very sensitive young lady, and it was quite a grownup gesture on your part. I hope more grownups will also think of others first before thinking of themselves! Thank you !!!

  • OMMFG! That is one of the hottest and sexiest things EVER!!!!!Have you talked with her about making out or making love so as to deepen that special bond? I really believe you should. If you do her good enough and hard enough, you might even be able to get her to s*** again.
    And again . And she would love you even more. But imagine how cool it would be to be dating and having s** with your best friend's mother! Wow!!!

  • Have you spoken with the mom again, in person or by phone? You should be doing that regularly, and telling her how much you enjoyed spending time with her. If you can go there, you should do that, and then give her a hug and kiss when you're leaving. Don't do that where your friend can see, because you'll gradually start making those hugs and kisses to last longer and longer, until you've got your tongue in her mouth and your hands exploring her body as you kiss. Of course, don't do that unless you're attracted to her in "that way".

  • Gross

  • Not even hardly!!!

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