Is it incest?

I love swallowing. I have since i was 14 when I met my husband he was the only man I had been with. When i was 15 we had s** and he broke my cherry. I also got pregnant. In time I would preform oral on him every morning. 2 years ago he died. I was lost without him and longed for his c**

6 months after he died I turned to my 20 year old son to fill my need. He resisted at first, but finally agreed but said he did not want me to suck him, instead he jerked off into my mouth and I swallow. When he c*** I'm allowed to put my lips on the head an suck it clean.

It satisfies both of us. But is it incest? My mouth is only the receiver of his c** he jerks himself. My son says it is not.

I want more from him. But he resists having s** or going down on me.

Jan 12, 2021

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  • I cannot complain Or say anything against you Because I have been training my daughter Since she turned 12 She does what I want When I want I buy her all sorts of negligees Leotards Crotchless panties Spandex Lycra Anytime that I want to have s** we have s** If I decide I want to eat her p**** She knows To get down And let me She is better than her mother ever was She likes to get high with Daddy And ride the d*** So enjoy your time with your son Just as I enjoy mine with my daughter

  • I can't believe the tripe I'm reading!

  • I not only suck off my son, but I also let him ride me to completion without a condom as I can't have any more children. Just to feel him spunking up me drives me wild. Although he's only 13, he's better than his father ever was, and he uses me up to 4 times a night.

  • Would love to be a father figure for your daughter and a husband to your craving of c***

  • Yes it is incest but it's fine. Give your son time and I'm sure s** will eventually follow

  • Thank you. I know society says it wrong but I can't get pregnant and we aren't hurting anyone by what we do.

    He is a mirror image of his father when he was that age. He doesn't know but he is much bigger than his father almost 9 inches. He dad was only 6 inches.

  • Darling it’s wrong. But I don’t know how you can not. I mean if he looks like your hubby and is hung like that.

    You got to suck him off.

    If your lucky he will let you ride it

    Good luck

  • Hi, it's definitely not wrong and more people do it then you realize. I believe that society is becoming more accepting of incest because it's on TV programs and movies alot more now eg Game of thrones, carnival row and movies such as A Simple favour. It is very popular on p*** sites with thousands and thousands of posts! With birth control advances now there is no reason why a mother, father, son, daughter, brother, sister etc can't enjoy a healthy s** life together!

  • Could b********** be the same it’s not hurting anyone and my dog loves emptying himself in all my family members

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