Damn, she Too Fine!!

I watched quite a lot of the Impeachment Two proceedings on TV today, and I have to admit that, the more i see of Nancy Pelosi, the more aroused she makes me. I don't like her or her politics, but good g*******, I want to get all over that! What's more, I m********* all day imagining making love to her all over the Capitol building! I fantasize about how nasty she might be. DAMN!!!

Jan 13

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  • C****** all over her huge t***!

  • Your sick she’s nasty. I would not let my dog do that scag

  • Yeah I know she's nasty that's why I fell in love with her so hard I wanna eat that nasty gash and eat that filthy ass every day! Oh good christ I would eat ALL that sweet nastiness!

  • Nancy is super fucken nasty licious expial lidocious! yeah g******* straight! fucken "A"! I fucken LOVE that filthy fucken b**** ! ! Yeah she too fucken fine as all f***!!

  • Nancy Pelosi is what Lindsay Lohan will look like in ten yrs.

  • Lindsay is the female lead in a thriller movie with Mickey Rourke called "Cursed" that will start streaming this summer. She plays a cop and Rourke plays a psychiatrist.
    By all accounts Lindsay is still just about the hottest and nastiest piece of ass in all of Hollywood. Hard to believe she's up in her 30s by now!

  • Lindsay voice already sound like 80 all hoarse and raspy from all the liquor she drank all the cigarettes she smoke and all the dirty d**** she suck. Lindsay nasty AF all ragged out and ruint. Its a shame: she was such a pretty pretty girl. I think she come from Africa.

  • She is 80 years old!

  • Nancy is, not Lindsay.

  • Saw her on TV at the swear-in and the b**** look hot AF.

  • Nancy always looks hot........ even in a COVID mask she still is super hot and sexy!!

  • She looks G-R-E-A-T!!!

  • Oh, yeah ::: she is sexy as all h***!!! Love her!!!

  • I've always wanted to be her footstool, have her heels dug in my face.

  • Boy, you got that right!

  • OMG what a marvelous perfect dream! She really would be the perfect domme wouldn't she!!!??!!!! God she is so hot I can't even stand it!

  • Yesssss, because a rancid 90-year old c*** is where it's at!!

  • I would give anything to be the man who gets to eat that c*** every day and night.

  • Same with me. And while I was down there I would for sure eat that nasty ass, too. Wouldn't you?

  • Aw, h***, yeah!! I would eat her ass all day never stopping even once!

  • Those b**** look fabulous! Hot love bags!!

  • She was born in 1940, so she is barely 80 and she looks beautiful.

  • She is still ultra hot!!!

  • Oh yes she IS!!!! I would love to get up inside of that wear her out! Omg!

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