I want be ass and p**** spanked

I want to be spanked so bad, no one's ever done it to me before and I'm too scared to ask. I know it's wrong but I want my ass and p**** spanked too I just love the idea of it I don't know if I'll ever find someone who wants to or if I'll ever be able to ask, it's so embarrassing..

Jan 14, 2021

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  • Play around and tease your partner. When he/she is watching tv or sitting down, jiggle your ass in his face and lay over his/her knee.
    Also, the reasoning behind most spanking is to get the blood closer to the surface. It increases sensitivity and overall it adds to stimulation throughout other parts of the body besides just the genitalia. Couple the heightened sensitivity with the act of either being dominated,, humiliated, and possibly pain loving(masochistic) aspects of the act of spanking, and it becomes a very powerful source of pleasure.

  • Try doing it to yourself... Bent over & legs slightly spread...

    Next time you are with someone when things are getting hot - ask them to spank your p___ & a__

    I love when I have my p__ & a__ spanked.. biting... Getting pounded....

    I also love to make slow passionate love...

  • It's a wonderful idea ... I hope that you find someone to help you explore your spanking fantasy ... probably the first of many fantasies that will follow.

  • I would love to soank your p****

  • I wish I could trust people on the internet because I want you to spank me so badly

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