This b**** with Narcissist behaviour

Okayyyy.... Where do i need to start, when it come to something or someone who disrespect you and talk bad behind your back, i will never look this person as the same person ever again, because you'll know the answer,

 "strong mind discuss idea, average mind discuss event and weak mind discuss people". 

Shes a typical b**** and a trahsy behaviour who still dnn what life is all about. When life hits you hard, i hope you enjoy it, because karma will always f*** you right in your damn face.

Who are you to talk bad behind my back and to not disrepect people without knowing them first. Tying to make yourself feel good and trying hard to hype things around so you look cool, nope you look like an ass and you deserve loadshit of hates. Because kids, I have no time in this but when your mind still there i have to do it. Long story short, i was being nice to yalls, and that is just me, but what the f*** are you trying to figure it out, from me being nice to you? What the f***! I cant brain it.

 So in my situation, when you found out a group of b****** trying hard to talk bad things about you and trying to make themself feel better, are you gnn keep on silence? Nope im not gnn keep on silence, im gnn stand up for myself and saying out loud that you girls need to learn from yall mistakes. This b****** behaviour thinks she the greatest who love to make herself feel better with some support from her friend who love to lick her ass and fully support her for the s*** of her behaviour and she really love to talk bad about everyone else, she enjoy it alot, making fun of everyone else not even me but her own close friend. Do you guys ever watch mean girls? Thats her true behaviour. but shes the ugly side of it. Haha. When it comes to social media she trying to make herself unhappy and wistful, and all that kind of stuff,also cringe alot ,like alotttt and most of all trying as hard to look good at everyones in their eyes (social media is a d***) but behind all of this, she is actually a b**** and an a****** who likes to talk bad almost everything, even her own close friend. This b**** likes to f*** (i don't care if you like to f***),but even with eveyone's boyfriend and even someone's husband, if she has the power to do so, she'll do it. This is what i saw in their discussion. They keep on talking bad about me and other people also the dark side of herself that i don't need to mentioned everything, because i am not as bad as you are bibi sonia or people called her bebykhan. It's a pity to be friend with someone like this.

for me personally, i rather be alone than surrounded myself with toxic behaviour. You can say that i have few friend, but at least they never talk bad behind my back, cause we are being true to each other. I am very affectionate person, but once you talk bad you'll be the a****** in my entire life. And Seriouly, I can't brain. B**** you gotta learn your lesson but i think people like her with narcissists behaviour will never learn from their mistake because they don't think they make any mistake. I just hope that you die in h***

 I felt sorry for your parents with all of your bad behaviours but it's your choice for being an a****** b****. If karma doesnt hit you, i gladly will but you're gnn die in h*** anyway. Ciou.

You can read this over and over again, i hope you die and burn in h*** bebykhan. Cioaa!

Jan 16

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