I want to f*** my dad.

I'm 16 and for as long as I can remember I've always fantasized about my dad in a sexual way. We've never had a good relationship as father and daughter, it has always been abusive, but that's what turns me on about it. When I was younger my dad would always spank me or belt me as a way of punishment, sometimes I would move my bum around so when he would slap me his fingers would touch my p****. And when I was around 10 I would get nightmares and would crawl into my daddy's bed. We would eventually get into a cuddling position and I would grind my little ass against his c***, sometimes he would get hard and in the morning take a cold shower or j*******. Now at 16, I want to full-on f*** him. I want his hard daddy c*** inside my tight little p****. I want it to thrust in and out of me making me c** on his big thick c***. I once found his p*** collection and it was about all these teens, boys and girls, sucking and f****** big adult c****. I wonder if he has fantasized about me too. I really want to f*** him, or suck him, or have him finger me with his thick fingers and make me c** all over. He lives far away from us now, anyone have an suggestions on how I can sext him? Or even if I should? Can any fathers out there tell me if they have ever wanted to f*** their daughters? And can any daughters tell me if they have wanted to f*** their dad?

Jan 17, 2021

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  • My advice is just to leave it as a fantasy. We males are h****y creatures and love to look at and admire any sexy female. Given that you mentioned you’ve spent time in his bed and rubbed your a** against him and felt him get hard there’s a big chance his probably thought about it but obviously he didn’t encourage this by taking it any further. You could accidentally on purpose send him and nude pic and he could possibly like that and pleasure himself over it but he sounds like the type of father that would tell you not to be sending boys nude pics. Honestly keep it as a fantasy and don’t possibly ruin your relationship with him. If you need to flash him ( he’ll let you know if he doesn’t want to see your p***y and will tell you to cover up ) or just simply grind against him ( sitting on his lap when want) then do all that but just touch yourself or find something to imagine it’s him inside you. There’s plenty of years ahead of you to find an older guy just like your Dad for you to enjoy. Would love to hear if you’ve already flashed him and what his response was if any.

  • Yes I’ve fantasize about it . You should just send him nudes and if he flips just say it was an accident if not push it on from there

  • Appalling advice!

  • I am sure there are many dads out there who want that too. We are human as you see we get hard lol so you can lookup how to seduce him

  • Go find someone else to do it with!
    Your father is sick in the head if he has it off with his own daughter!

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