How do I give a b******* for the first time?

This isn't really a confession but I want to give a b******* to my boyfriend and it's my first time, does anyone have any tips? Please try to avoid being creepy, I just want genuine advice because I'm not really sure how to do it and I'm scared I'll use teeth on accident

Jan 17, 2021

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  • Hi I am gay and love to suck a guys c*** and all you do is to get a guy aroused and let him know you want to suck his c*** and he should say ok to that and slowly pull his pants and underwear down and slowly take his c*** in your hand and then slowly put it in your mouth and start sucking it and you will thoroughly enjoy it. and then ask him to suck your c*** which you will also enjoy and especially if you have a climax.

  • Thank you! I am still a bit confused though because I don't want to accidentally hurt him with my teeth and I feel like it would be hard to do but maybe I'm wrong because I don't have experience

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