Technique to make rape consensual

When you love/like a woman around you but you cannot do anything due to various factors but you do her like a animal in your dreams. I recently came up with this discovery that if you are in love with a woman and want to fuckk her. You need to attack her pussycat and your tongue should go deep licking her . She would eventually give up and would allow you to take whatever you want. The only challenge and skill required is how you convince her to a lonely place where you can eat her and there is no one around to help her.

I did this to my manager because I was super h**** and angry. When I left my seed in her she said that she was impressed by what I did and how I did to her.

I am a happy employee now who works with her manager under the desk and there is a lot money.

Jan 18

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  • You have a couple of definitional problems: If it's consensual, it's not rape. If it's rape, it's not consensual. And surrender (which is roughly what you describe) is not consent. Just sayin'.

  • Good on you! You want a Masters in mind f******?

  • Proud of yourself!
    What a jolly good fellow you are!

  • Why would the monitor lizards ever allow this to actually post???!!? This could get a lot of women hurt and traumatized. And it could get a lot of people arrested. Take it down!

  • Agree

  • NOOOOOOOOOOO!! this is dangerous and wrong and stupid in more ways than can be counted!!! EVERYTHING in it and about it is totally untrue and will land you in prison!!!!

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