Outdoor Wanking

I have the urge to m********* when I'm outdoors walking, I don't wear any underwear so my c*** is free and often hard, I imagine everyone women that walks by p****, I'm worried that I could go a step further and find a private spot and m********* outdoors. Is this just me that gets this urge?

Jan 18, 2021

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  • Omg do it! Im a 17yr old female and for about 2yrs now iv been riding the bus in a short skirt flashing my p**** to any older man that i can, although plenty have stared noone has touched me! I just want one of them to reach over and shove 2 fingers hard inside me or pull out there c*** n w*** while looking at me! But Im just a h**** teen who cant get enough lol

  • I want to have a guy w*** me in some girls underwear or I would love to jack you off in some

  • What next!

  • Me too

  • I used to do this lots. I was from a small village with lots outdoor areas. Used to stroke it in the fields, woods, whenever. I'd only do it in places where I knew I'd never get caught or even see anybody.
    Would sometimes strip completely naked and stroke. Felt incredible.

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