How do you guys handle negative feedback while dealing with mental health struggles?

Jan 18, 2021

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  • In general, really badly. That's why there are so many violent outbursts by men with mental health issues.

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  • Context is nonexistent on the internet. It is really hard to tell the difference between someone having a real crisis and someone fishing for attention. Sometimes that is obvious and those people deserve all the ridicule they get and more. State your issues in a way that makes it clear you are serious and not just trying to feel relevant in some sad way.

  • I’ve been struggled to overcomed with social anxiety disorder for years , suffered in silence. If this post is offended you don't look at it, im happy when people share their positivity instead of making me feel bad.

  • Omfg, the person below me is so right!! You stupid kids are always competing with each other for who's got worse mental health or social issues and can't stand anything besides "poor baby, poor baby" noises.

    Keep up with this always a victim thing and you're done. Mommy and Daddy will not always be there to keep you safe while you refuse to work because flipping burgers makes you feel sad or threatened. Heal or die.

  • They were offering real suggestions and insight, fool.

    You have chosen to be a tender snowflake and freak out whenever anyone says anything other than "poor you" or "you're beautiful" or anything other than sugary sweet nonsense.

    If you can't handle what was written above, you are in NO condition to handle the real world without mommy's tiddy within easy reach. Slash your wrists and GTFO of functional people's way.

  • Concentrate on the positives. You’ve got this

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