Windy Butt

Okay. So. Last night I hooked up with a guy. I prefer girls. But Iv been with this dude before and I’m comfortable with him etc. And he knows what he’s doing. So. Bonus.
Anyhoo. We were on his sofa in a 69 position and he was doing his thing, as I was doing mine. And I farted. Not loud or long. But a very definite fart. I queef a lot during s** and this hasn’t ever bothered him. But this is the first time he as had THAT kinda gas from me. We both giggled and I buried my face between his legs. I wanted the ground to swallow me. Till I found him feasting hungrily on both my holes. And rubbing down my back as if he was trying to get more farts from me. I didn’t. We just carried on. But could he be into it maybe???

Jan 20, 2021

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  • Seems he likes THAT kind of smell.
    Seriously speaking, one releases hydrogen sulphide while breaking wind and that gas might help us prevent Alzheimers.
    Therefore, you are doing him a favour by being therapeutic and he seems to enjoy.So don't feel embarrassed.

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