I may j*** off in my sister in laws panties today

My sister in law asked me to do a few small jobs around her home today. She is smoking hot for a 46 year old lady. I have always been attracted to her. she has a killer body. She will leave me alone in her home while she goes to work. My plan is to go to her bedroom and look in her panty drawer or dirty clothes basket and j*** off into them. I plan to put her c** soaked panties back in her drawer so she will eventually wear them

Jan 27, 2021

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  • Take a dirty pair with you. I take my mother in laws dirty undies all the time to smell her p**** while I m********* and then return them after a few weeks and get another pair. I’ve tried talking my wife into wearing them but she won’t do it. That would be so sexy.

  • I do the same, always make sure to do this whenever I visit my sister in law

  • I do the same thing in any females panties, young or old. My 60 yo MIL caught me once just after I had c**. She took the c** filled pair from my hand and put them on in front of me then left the room without saying a word.

  • I bet she loved it.

    You should get her alone and whisper in her ear how much she turns you on and how ever since she did that you can’t stop thinking about her.

    I bet she will let you Cumm inside her special place

    I know I would

  • I do the same with my SILs. Its great to leave them a pair of panties full of c**.
    I also route around and find their toys I have found out their kinks and fetishes.
    Julie I think knows that I do this and always leaves a damp pair of panties on he floor her side of the bed.

  • Oh my. You are sooo bad. I wish you were my brother-in-law

    I’m 49 and the thought of putting on panties full of your c** is making me WET!

  • Perfectly normal.
    Most blokes would do the same.
    I've done this to many female friends and discovered their bush colour by finding some pubes.

  • You need help!

  • Why does this bloke need help?
    He's doing nothing unusual vicar.

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