My sad story about erotic massage

I've had massages and all are clinical and by the book, except one, kinda. When I was on my stomach with just a towel across my buttocks he ran his hands up and down my sides. Every time his fingers lingered for a second on the sides of my t*** but not enough to be anything. When he went down my back to my butt cheeks he slid his hands over my cheeks and squeezed and his thumbs kept getting close to my crack but that was it. Then he did my legs and asked me to spread them a little.

When he massaged the backs of my thighs his hands went up my inner thighs and just short of touching my l****. I was dying but paralyzed. Then a couple times his very tippy fingers touched my v***** lightly but just a couple times. Then nothing and he had me flip over and he covered me to just cover my nipples and down to my knees.

He moved behind my head and started with my head, face and neck. His hands moved down to my shoulders and across my chest and a little down my sides. Each time he just missed my nipples but the towel kept pushing off them and he'd pull it back up, touching my nipples lightly as he did. This lasted for ever and I really wanted him to start squeezing my nipples but he didn't, and moved to my side.

He said he needed to pull down the towel to cover my private area but had a small towel to go across my b******. He pulled it down and I could feel him staring at my t*** (I had my eyes closed the whole time). He put a folded towel over my t*** and it just covered across my nipples and my whole under breast was exposed. The first towel was pushed down to just above my p****. He rubbed my stomach and would move his hands up to just missing my nipples but he was squeezing the bottom of my b******. When his hands went down he would just rub across the top of my mound and pressing hard. Still nothing more.

Then he moved to my feet and I was really starting to feel aroused, I couldn't wait for him to move up to my thighs. He rubbed my calves and then said he needed to take away that towel and replace it with a smaller one. He took the big one off and it took forever for him to cover me and again it just barely covered my mound area. So right now I'm laying naked with basically just two hand towels covering my private areas.

He massaged my thighs and told me to move my legs apart a little. I swear I was shaking but did it. Just like on my back side, he kept getting close to touching my l**** but didn't at first. Then he started occasionally having his fingertips just lightly touch me a couple times, like it was by accident. It was almost like a whisper or a light breeze.

He moved so it was like he was going to do my stomach again but he just kept rubbing down to close to my mound and then let his fingers go under the towel and down the sides of my mound and between my legs on my upper thigh. His thumbs stopped at my mound. So his fingers were on either side of my p**** on my very upper thighs like at the joint but didn't touch my l**** at all.

Then he asked me to spread my legs further apart and kept rubbing the very tops of my inner thighs but not touching my p****. Just when I was thinking and hoping that he'd start rubbing my c*** he stopped and said okay you're done. Do you feel better? I could barely form words but I said yes. He said I should get dressed and he was going to throw some linens in the wash and to meet me at the front desk.

Then he said, do you mind if I grab those towels too? I didn't want to appear difficult and said sure. He kept his back to me and just reached his hand back behind himself (but not looking) to grab them from me. For a second I thought about either holding them too far so he'd have to turn and see me (thinking of course that he would be so full of l*** that he'd spread my legs and start eating my p****. But I didn't and he didn't and I got dressed and went to the front.

He came out and the receptionist asked what I had done. He told her just a regular, and she asked just a standard regular? And he said yes. I've always wondered what my other choices were? I thought about going back and somehow asking for a little more than standard regular, but I didn't and by the time I looked up the therapist group again, he had moved.

I told my girlfriends about a year or two later and they thought my imagination had run wild, or thinking back my memory was fuzzy and it was wishful thinking. Then they said I should have given him signals like moving so his hands would go further, or moan or move so a towel slipped. But I didn't and I said I would not have had the nerve.

Now I always wonder if it is exaggerated in my memory, or maybe I should have tried to do something. I wonder if he would have gone further or if he would have yelled you pervert. Get out of here. Anyways I've never had a massage come even close to that again. I even found myself reading reviews on tripadviser and all to see if anyone complained about a masseur going too far or making them uncomfortable and I would make an appointment with them.

But I never found one that was anywhere near close to Maryland and I also thought some of those complaints were just people that complain about everything. So thats my sad story.

Jan 28, 2021

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  • I got my wife a day at the spa and the massage part she said while she was on her stomach he also asked her to open her legs but she said when he’d run his hand up all the way and the side of his hand then his finger as he pulled his hand basically parting her privates and she said she opened more after the second time and he then would turn his hand and run his fingers up her privates when he pulled his hand up and she said for sure he could feel her getting wet then while on her back he asked if she wanted her breast rubbed she has breast implants and he even told her they should be massaged and she let him and again when he got to her privates his fingers would go between her v he never penetrated though

  • I see no harm in this as long as the lady liked and wanted it. I think you provide a massage and then ask for additional areas to be massaged so everyone is aware.

  • This does not happen much in the spas, but if you call a home therapist it then is a lot more frequent. I am a graduate of Oregon School of massage and took clients for years. Likely 90% or more ended up sensual, if not the 1st visit them typically the 2nd, with an extremely common scenario of the husband wanting to watch. Often the husband wants a massage also, and that with the wife watching. I have had more than on housewife come back in naked to "help" me massage their husband. Nothing wrong with it, it's just hands and giving pleasure.

  • I think he wanted to do much more but as a professional, he was bound to the oath
    Do no more than asked.
    So he probably jerked off after you left or had a hidden camera filming everything so he could watch how excited you became and that is part of what his job required. Wish I could have been him!!!

  • I live near Maryland and would be happy to give you a massage. My ex-wife was a therapist... areal1245 at outlook...

  • Lose not loose

  • You have been watching too much p***!
    He gets caught out he could loose his licence.
    If I was you, I would have kicked him in the b**** if he did that to me!
    But you did nothing to STOP it so that makes you a s***!
    You also enjoyed his wandering hands.
    You wanted it to go further but luckily the Casanova refrained.

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