I’m 13 and i crave for c***

Uhm everyday i finger myself or use a homemade d**** and it feels so good and i’m craving for a real c*** but my parents are strict but i want a c*** inside my wet little p****😩

Jan 28, 2021

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  • Whare do u live

  • This happens, it got to me at your age too, it's best to wait and see better later as we mature a bit more, if we got to be sexual, masturbating is best to do ourselves alone at times when we are h****

  • I can relate to your early feelings. When I was 12, I some how playing with and stroking my over enlarged p**** experienced my first e********** of sperm. I didn't know what had happened. I think you need someone to start with just licking your c***. A soft tough and with the tip of it on your c*** would relieve you and give you your first and many o******. No penetrations with a p****, but a female o***** equal to s** as you crave.

  • A little motherly advice

    Wait you are too young. Wait till you get older take it from a woman who slept with about 30 guys before I was 24 and met my husband

    I wish I saved myself for him. We been married 25 years and I was his first but he was one of many for me, but my last.

    Only wish I could have given him my cherry

  • I would give it to you without second thoughts....

  • Really shouldn't post stuff like this on here, better off keeping it to yourself till you're older

  • Same here but im 12....

  • Hendricksmella AT gmail dotcom

  • Uhm im not gonna send u nudes......

  • Yeah, well it's better we wait as to be careful and just m********* as we get a bit older, we can see what more can be done better later on.

  • Just wait, you don't need to raise a kid because you were h****. Use a toy or similar object.

  • Yeah, and it's better to wait till they et a bit older anyways to be careful, they will see when time pass that it's fine to wait, if they got to do something, just m*********.

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