i feel like i'm going crazy

my mom is so controlling, i'm 22, really responsible, my idea of a good time is the library. yet mom doesn't trust me. she drives me crazy. i feel like the rope you see in the movies that is snapping thread by thread and eventually snaps. she won't let me go anywhere by myself. reallly, i can't even go outside. she comes to class with me and waits for me in the library, she walks across campus with me and i feel so embarresed like there must be something wrong with me that she won't leave me alone. she won't even let my brother take me anywhere...it's either with her or not at all. i just missed my granny's bday party because she wanted to go home. i've been late and missed class because she's not ready yet. she slaps me sometimes over stupid stuff and she constantly criticizes me about insanely minute things like the pan was left out and the rug is out of place and somehow all these things show how i could never survive on my own. yet the weirdest thing is that sometimes she's normal. sometimes she's nice and sweet and caring. i think she's bipolar. maybe. or just crazy. she's my mom and i still love her and forgive her but i want to move out. but she's said that if i do i'll be betraying her and she'll leave, walk away on the highway if she has to and i'll never hear from her again. i know that she's crazy and stubborn enough to do that. so i stay.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • First off if this is for real you really need to get your mom some help, and I mean fast some form of counciling would be advisable. I assume your dad is no longer in the picture, so you and your brother will have to take charge. I also assume she has some other control over you probably financialy, you need to sit down with your mom and explain to her rationally that you are a man now and as much as you appreciate her raising you, you need to move on with your life, that doesn't mean she cannot be a part of it, just that she needs to let you tackle some things on your own. You may need to get financial aid to get through college, because you might have to cut yourseelf off from your mom. I also think from the way she is treating you, you may have some kind of disability which is making your mom so overprotective. If that is the case you need to explain to her that you have to learn to function in the world without her because there will be a time when she won't be there and then you will really be screwed.

  • Apron strings. Cut them.

    She probably will turn that attention towards something else. Is this how cat-ladies begin?

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