Me and mom had our gran stay with us for two weeks and she told my mom she got a shock the other morning .she was going to the bathroom and on passing she got a glimpse of me drying myself after being in the shower.well I have rather very large c*** my bedroom door was half open my c*** was semi hard half erect she said to mom have you seen the size of your son's c*** it very large yes I've seen it many a time said mom gran said to her that will do some damage to any girl he has mom said to gran it is very nice you should ask to feel it gran was shocked to think mom has felt it mom told me what gran saw so next morning same again but this time I wanked my c*** so it was very big and hard out of the corner of my eye saw gran watching me so got my c*** and wanked it she stood there watching so I said morning gran how are you she said with a stutter I am fine she had her eyes glued to my c*** I said you ok gran mom came to see what the problem was she said morning to the two of us you ok mom it's your son look at that it's huge mom said I know it's beautiful isn't it mom came in my room took hold of it in front of gran and started wanking my c*** mom said come feel it he won't mind will you son gran was totally shocked mom then sucked my huge c*** gran said omg I don't believe what I am seeing mom then bent over so as I can f*** her from behind just about to enter mom gran said no no he's your son then I pushed into mom could see gran crossing her legs moms p**** was very wet mom said to gran come hold him gran came into room put her hand out I with drew from moms p**** and put my c*** into grand hand unsaid to gran feel that what you think she said b***** h*** that is so hard and big I said suck him gran feel it in your mouth it was covered in moms c*** juices gran said mmm tastes of your juices then gran lifted her nightie she bent over for me to f*** her and in I went I got half way in gran said that's very tight along time since I've had c*** in me then mom got a shock gransaid go on son give it a good f****** the few minutes later I came in my grand c*** mom said have you just c** in my mom gran o***** ed several times and then gran went to the bathroom mom said I want that c** in me so I had to f*** mom till I c** again gran watch me f*** her till I c** in her gran said how bits your c*** mom said we measured it and it was just short of 15 inches gran siad and how long have you two been f****** each other mom said ever since I caught a glimpse of it I said what you think gran you like it she said oh boy that would f*** meany time a c*** like that mom said it's beautiful isn't it so now you know when in the house we never wear clothes we only started wearing them while your here gran said don't wear them on my account I want to see that c*** of his all day every day so now we all don't wear clothes gran all ways has to sit next to me on the sofa and she keeps one hand on my c*** keeping it very large mom just smiles looking at her mom wanking my c*** watching TV I get to f*** gran and mom approximately two sometimes three times a day .mmm happy days

Jan 29, 2021

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  • Punctuation aint your thing, is it?

  • Change pusher

  • Hello, I just read this account of a son and a mother and his grandmother. My father past a way when I was 12 years old. I lived with my mother and her mother. We had one bathroom and shared it. Many times I was bathing in the tub and one would need to go to the bathroom. Thinking It was ok for either to enter I would say ok. Everything was normal until I reached 12 years of age. I started playing with or touching my c***. Once when my mother had to go when I was in the tub, she saw me playing with my c***. She told me it was normal. She said it needed to be handled by stroking with a hand. She said it was normal and need to be stroked. My mother took her hand and stroked my c*** and I experienced my first shooting of my sperm. From that time on until I moved out of my home to attend college. My mother and my grand mother always came into the bathroom and while I was in the bub bathing would stroke me until I shot my c**. I remember that they said it was so that I would be ready to make babies when I got married.

  • Only 15 inches? Mine is like 18 inches lmao. Do yourself a favor and give up the fantasy writing and study hard in school.

  • Learn to write....

  • Uhm why did i just sit here reading this ish

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