Girlfriends Sisters Panties

I love the smell of dirty panties. I get hard smelling them and licking the whole dirty part. I know its kinda nasty, kinky, dirty. so what. I want to confess that I get to my girlfriends how earlier than expected so I can catch her before she showers, at which this point no one else is home. So I run upstairs to her sisters bedrooms and pick the dirty laundry baskets for their dirty panties. Her sisters range from 15-23 four of them total, shes 19. Damn they all have unique smells and tastes. If I cant find any in their rooms i go to the laundry room in the basement to grab those, I can usually tell whos smell belongs to which. After I hear the shower go off I rush to the bathroom still hard and watch my girlfriend dry up at which time I waste no time getting my c*** in her ass. I would love to one day get to her moms panties but her room is usually locked. We the sister get to gether with boyfriends at the house, i love to think about how each one of them smell and the boyfriends have no idea. Oh, i tell my girlfriend to put hers away all the time, just in case since her room was more accessable.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • I live with my girlfriends little sister. The only reason i let her move in was to have a endless supply of her panties to j*** off with.

  • I do this every time I go to my girl friends house. Sometimes I say I have an important call and go into the little sisters room she’s 19 and just look through her hamper for her dirty panties. I love the smell of her p****

  • My girlfriends much older sister visited overnight and stayed in the room next to my room. After two days, she went shopping and left the house empty. I checked around her room and discovered a pair of black panties which looked and smelled worn and had small crusty flakes where her vag would be. I remember taking some and rubbing my nose with them, and they smelled very sexy. The next day, I did the same thing with another panty I found. At dinner, we talked and talked about tv shows, but the whole time I was smelling that sexy aroma from her.

  • I smell my gfs sister's panties every time I go to their house. I rub where her a****** has been on my nose then go kiss my gf

  • Mmmm I do that with my girls little sisters panties she’s a senior

  • I too like to smell panties. Once I and my girlfriend went out for a trip. Their I had been partying with her. I put some liquid in her drink after which she felt unconscious after drinking it. Then I removed her panties after rubbing it many times with her genitals.
    It smells really great. I am physically attracted towards my cousin sister who is elder than me. I smelled her panties too.

  • I steal julies panties i c** in them and put themback in her pantie drawer ohhhhhh god i love to do thisoh oh oh julie im goi ng to c** ohhhhhhh julie ahhhhhh god julie oh yes your panties are so sexy

  • f*** that just bust a nut in your sister's eye when she's sleeping f*** if you have a std or not, let her know whats the deal stay based b******


  • i love to as well but i find it intresting to crossdress and feel like a woman and put silk panties on and rub myself all over an get so hot an botherd that i cant take it anymore an just let it all out in just feels very good rubing mysef in womans panties or my girlfriend to i feel all tingely inside omg it feels so intence then it happens i have to make myself c** an omg its worth it but I feels gilty after words but its hard to stop ive been like this sence i was 15 or do?? but at times its hard to dill with at time an life passes by yours truely mysef an i dressing in womans cloths or just wear pantie has always been apart of me so its hard to brake what should people like us do about somethang like this??

  • Never tried c****** in shampoo or clean panties, because of obvious sights and smells, but i am quite the crossdresser and that is always fun. Unfortunately, everyone in my family has their own seperate hamper in their rooms, so it gets kind of hard (no pun intended) to wear the clothes

  • "One thing I like to do is c** in their CLEAN panties, right on the crotch, then, after it dries enough so it won't stick, fold them like they were and put them back in the drawer. That way, when they wear them, they've got your c** right next to their p****** all day long"

    1. easily visible.... Dry s**** leaves clothing with a crusty feeling.
    2. I share your fetish, but that's crossing a line.
    You have no right to do that to someones property.
    3. if you had an std you could spread it in this manner.

    there are ways to satisfy your needs without acting like a (no pun intended) d***.

  • i've been doing a similar thing ever since i've been with my girlfriend. Her sister wears sexier thongs, french and full backed panties then my girlfriend. When i used to be alone when they lived at her parents, i'd go into my gf's sisters room and try on her thongs and then go to the laundry hamper and sniff the gusset of her discarded thong. I know what you mean about the true scent of a woman. She is totally different in smell and taste to my gf. Their mum is also totally different. Stronger and more mature. If i get the chance at anyones house i.ll look through the laundry hamper to see if there is anything worth sniffing or tasting. Their cousins fiancee is a different thing all together...

  • Do you not feel guilty? Or that you're cheating on your GF?

  • That's great. I've been doing the same thing for years with my wife's sister, her girlfriends, etc.
    What people don't realize is that is the TRUE scent of a woman.
    The scent of her essence.
    A stray pubic hair is a bonus.
    What you need to do is start c****** in their hair conditioner, face cream, hand cream, on their tootbrushes, etc.
    One thing I like to do is c** in their CLEAN panties, right on the crotch, then, after it dries enough so it won't stick, fold them like they were and put them back in the drawer. That way, when they wear them, they've got your c** right next to their p****** all day long.

  • First off a little odd, but I understand everybody has thier fetishes, but make sure you don't cross any lines.

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