Stupid mouse trap didn't work.....T^T

I've been having a mouse problem for a while now. I can hear scurrying from upstairs 24/7, I've set up traps that won't kill the g******* thing until now. I saw it run across my stove and behind my microwave, of course I tried to catch it, (with a catch cup), but it disappeared. So with haste I grabbed a mouse trap that in hopes would kill it instantly. I set it up, and with a few broken nails later I put it against the wall next to the microwave. And I kid you not, not even ten minutes later I hear it go off, so I run into the kitchen. It's just wiggling across the counter in pain, I immediately started balling because I know I didn't have the courage to put it out of its misery. So I set up a container with some paper towels to make a comfy and warm, well, the best way I can put this is death bed. After I did that I grabbed the mouse with another paper towel and placed it in there. This breaks my heart, I'm hoping to god it either dies quick, or its just in shock and the trap didn't actually get it. And just in case it isn't dead I put it in an even larger container, (with it still in the last), this container has a crack in the cover the can filter air but nothing can fit through it. This container was meant to be a non-lethal trap, meaning it has some pellets and hay in it along with peanut butter, and in case this mouse isn't dying I put some water in a cap in there. I'm still crying, and this is some of the ugliest crying I've ever done in my life, perhaps even what my real cries sound like. Am I being cruel for not ending its suffering? But if it was in shock, would I just be killing it for no reason? I just hope it's in shock, this mouse doesn't deserve to die. So if it is, I have food and water waiting. I hope to god that it may live and prosper, so maybe one day I can release it, or perhaps care for it, even if it is a wild animal. Nothing deserves that fate. And of course if I released it, I'm not letting it go in my yard, I'm gonna find a nice abandoned building and hope it dies of old age. I'm praying for the mouse, and all I can do is hope. Any suggestions on what I should do? At the present moment its in towels, inside a container, which is inside a bigger container with food and water, is in darkness and hopefully a warm enough place. If this mouse does survive I think I've got a good name for it, as stereotypical as it is or even cheesy, I'll name it Hope. I also put a soft tissue on top of the mouse to act as a blanket...I've got to be the most emotional person on earth right now.

Jan 30, 2021

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