Girl with a rape fantasy

Is this normal? I’m a young female, just about to turn 18. And to me, the thought of my boyfriend, husband or whoever I’m with using my holes whenever he wants without asking me for permission turns me on. And I’ll gladly take it. Of course, consensual non-con.

I find things like having a man being in control of me in different ways to be sexy. I’m a submissive female and being a f*** toy is something I find enjoyable and it makes me happy knowing my place.

Does anyone else feel the same way as me or am I just crazy?

Jan 30, 2021

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  • Better really trust your partner

  • I have two gfs that used to like to either get hammered or take pills and have me f*** them while they were in and out of consciousness. The one used to text me she was having a glass of wine with valium and to come over in an hour. She’d be naked and snoring. I’d f*** her, c** inside her, and then I’d tuck her back in and go home. She’d text to thank me in the morning.

  • Lol I do 😂

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