I'm so f***** up

I'm 16 and have a bf, now we've had a good relationship for about 10 months now. But he's never given me much affection when we have s**. I feel like I'm always doing the work and he begs me day after day to blow him. So sexually I don't feel like I'm getting what I desire, and he recently called me a w**** because I went camping and didn't have service. So I said f*** it and had s** with another guy, and you know what, he was able to fulfill my needs. I should also mention my bf is very controlling and manipulative, also extremely clingy. So I've been drained of all my energy for a while now, but I feel like I've lost all feelings for him, and I know I'm a s*** person for cheating on him. But all he ever does is ignore my need for attention and only call some for himself, and treats me like trash. I've mentioned a threesome to him before but he just won't budge, and he tries to block every guy friend I have, even my brothers. So I ran off to someone for help and they did, and I found out they treated me so much better, but I feel in my mind I still love my bf, but my heart just doesn't say the same. I might mention I was hit by him before, but I've gotten over it. (hit by my bf) What should I do?

Jan 30, 2021

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  • Break up with him, it sounds like you've done some s***** things but he has too, and he sounds abusive. Trust me, I know from experience how hard it is but you can do this. It's in your best interest to leave him, even if it hurts at first it will be worth it. Best of luck!

  • Come see me

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