I f***** with my sister

This was part 1.scroll down for part 2
My younger sister was in a relationship in 10th.She did not have phone,She used to use my phone to speak with her boyfriend.I started watching p*** and got attracted to her.Before 7th std we used to sleep together,have bath together,but then got separated.After watching p*** i felt like i wanted to f*** her.So since she wanted my phone ,i told her to f*** with me if she wanted my phone.She agreed to do it,but with clothes on.It so happened that i really felt blowing her up.blackmailed every time i wanted to f*** with her.but then she told her boyfriend and he got a small touch pad phone and we stopped doing it.After a year she got a smartphone.She sent her nude and photos to her boyfriend.Her bf came to our house and had s** with her .I did not know it .After she broke up,her bf sent me her photos so that i would blackmail her and can have 3some.i showed her the photos and told if she doesn't f*** with me then i will tell it to my parents.But she disagreed.So i asked her to sleep with me for a week after my parents sleep for 4 hours and told i can do anything without removing her clothes.Then i started pressing her b**** ,touching my d*** with her p****.She didn't f*** with me naked.but with clothes on.It's been a year since we haven't f***** .I really want to f*** her .Hope it happens soon.She has big b**** and ass.i really want to f*** her badly everyday and seduce her ,give her a b****** everyday.This is my confession

part 2.
so after i had confessed the 1st part.I was in full mood that day.I created a fake account on Instagram.I sent her, her nudes and pics with her boyfriend.I sent her my d*** photo and waited till she replied.It so happened that she blocked and deactivated her account.But what happened in the night was interesting.She was actually a little upset.She came in the night and was like don't u have some shame that u text like this to your own sister,delete the photos please i can't do it with u,u are my brother she told.i was like i will delete and won't bother u again in my life.But u should f*** with me today and sleep for a week atleast with me for an hour.She was like no i can't.I told if u want me to delete your pics and stop blackmailing ,u need to do it with me.She was in tears and at last she told okay.Ik she was craving for my d*** and all she did was drama.she then came to my room after an hour my parents slept.We slept together.And we finally did it.'I f***** my sister'She was too good.I live in (india).this isn't soo common between brother and sister.But she made it with me.i cummed inside her around 4 times.i was totally tired,but she wanted it,we did doggy,69,cowgirl and many more.I lost my stamina.Bought her i-pill the next day .we did it without condom and it was really good.she cooperated very well.shoot your shot guys.if u have a pretty good f****** slutty sis ,too good for life.now sometimes she only comes to my room and f**** with.Life is good,so far everything good. :) will keep you guys updated with my story

Feb 2, 2021

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  • Why the f*** are there two parts in one f****** post are you and idiot?

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