Foot Fetish Confession - Step Sister

So, I grew up with a foot fetish since I was in elementary school. It started from just staring at teachers feet and wondering why I liked looking at them and getting hard. Anyway, when I was about 15-16, my step sister who was about the same age as me, had really nice feet and we weren’t that close but I started to admire her feet and they looked really soft and sexy. One day we were in the living room and she was messing around and thought it would be funny to put her feet in my face, because they were a little dirty and i said her feet stink. I pretended like I didn’t like it but they smelled so good and were extremely soft. Ever since that moment I was thinking of someway I can be in front of her feet again so later that night..she’s in her room sound asleep and I’m really h****. I slowly go into her room to see her feet hanging off the bed (laying on her stomach) with a perfect view of her soles and i immediately got hard. So I get down and start sniffing her feet, and lightly licking them to see how far i can go until she wakes up, and little did i know she is an extremely heavy sleeper, so I’m licking her feet and sucking her toes and I’m hard as a rock, i get really bold and put my d*** between her feet and giving myself a footjob with her feet, i went on for a couple of minutes and eventually came all over her soles, then cleaned it up with a towel, and afterwards I didn’t feel great about it but at the same time it felt amazing. This went on for a few weeks until one day I’m in her room just watching YouTube with her and she tells me that one night she woke up and felt her feet on my d*** and said it’s okay because she enjoyed it. That made me feel somewhat better about it but it still felt wrong because it’s my step sister and she was sleeping, but she said she wasn’t going to tell her mom or my dad about it and it can be our secret, after that she locked her door and gave me a footjob right in her room and made me c** on her feet before we went to bed. We would make this a regular thing when our parents were gone she would just come to my room or vice versa and give me footjobs until I came all over her feet. She’d even let me keep the socks she wore to school to smell or whatever. This lasted about a year until my dad and step mom broke up and I moved out.

Feb 3, 2021

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