I thought SHE'D LIKE A*** S**,

One friday night(in WEST GERMANY!) after a night of MY rock band playing live, i DROOVE my GIRLFRIEND HOME (TRIER, WEST GERMANY) quickly WE FOUND OUR WAY TO HER BEDROOM, AFTER i PUT ON MY CONDOM and some KY jelly I eased my c*** into her b*******! after I came, SHE SAID SHE NEEDED TO GET "SOMETHING" OUT OF HER CLOSET! and she said "I WANT TO TRY SOMETHING, LAY ON YOUR STOMACH, SHE WAS VERY SEXUAL SO WITHOUT QUESTION I DID AS INSTRUCTED! there I was, "butt up!" when all the sudden I felt her lubed up fingers in MY butt hole SHE SAID "BABY JUST RELAX, I WON'T HURT YOU!" after getting "FINGERED" FOR AWHILE, AS SHE PULLED HER FINGERS OUT, I couldn't help but whine! SHE said "see I knew YOU'D like that, then she put her fingers back in me, NOT of JUST one, ALL FOUR FINGERS, then her whole arm wrist deep, it ONLY took a few minutes before I was C******! and moaning like a P**** MOVIE STAR! then she took her arm out of me, I whined like a movie star, then she said," stay face down, you'll love this! at first I felt a round shape rubbing my butt hole, then she pushed her girlfriends favorite strapon, D**** into me "B**** DEEP OVER AND OVER AGAIN! MY b**** hurt, I came sooo much! after awhile SHE said"DAMN, YOU CAN TAKE THIS BETTER THAN "LYNN"SHE USUALLY STARTS CRYING WHEN I PUSH THE WHOLE THING INTO HER P****!" thoose words made me want screwed more! so I said "PUT IT BACK IN! SHE WAS SOO INTO IT SHE WAS MOANNING JUSTY AS MUCH SO i SAID"DOES SCREWWING ME GET YOU OFF?" SHE ENCREASED SPEEDS, and said I'VE HEARD STORIES ABOUT YOUR SEXUAL PREFERENCES, A FRIEND OF YOURS TOLD ME "JAMES give great head, and HE SWALLOWS!" I said "just once!" ofcourse, since then I've sucked, more than MY fair share!

Feb 6

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