Family love

I was alone in my house with my wifes sisters daughter aged 12,we were watching a movie on the TV and during a break, I got up to got to the toilet and said to her keep my place on the sofa warm for me until I got back.

On my return I sat down beside her and she snuggled up to me. At first I took it as an innocent move on her part so thought nothing of it. As we both sat on the sofa I started to get a hardon and tried to hide it from her. My mind lost interest on the movie and I slid my hand down my trousers and took hold of my very stiff c***. Emily (not her real name) noticed this and said naughty naughty Uncle Tom playing with yourself are you? I did not know how much she knew about s** and I asked her how she knew what I was doing.

She said that her female friends who are about the same age all looked at p**** magazines they found in one of her friends housetook hold of my c*** gentlyts. So Emily knew about s**. I asked her did she ever play with herself or any of her friends do it. She then said that when they visited one of the friends house when her parents were out for the night they looked at the p**** mags and they got excited at the s** that the mags portrayed.

Emily said to her three friends lets strip off like those in the mags for a bit of fun. They all stripped off and they enjoyed the experience. In the meantime I was getting excited at Emily lying beside me with my trobbing c*** and me slowly wanking my self. At this point,Emily put her hand on my stiff c*** inside my trousers and said it was big can I see it? I unzipped my fly and I brought my stiff c*** into view. Emily gasped and said it was big, can I touch it as She had never touched a c*** before, naturally I said yes.

Feb 7, 2021


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  • Fantasy fantasy you fools.

  • This site is filled with pedo s*** - never coming back and this going to US Marshall Setvice

  • Ain't you full of it, the US Marshall is out of jurdiction, actually you want to act like you know what your talking about to scare them off

  • Pedo!!!

  • I’m reporting this to the cops!!!

  • Talk to a lawyer 1st so you know what you are saying

  • A similar thing happened with me and my 10-year-old daughter. After she'd rubbed my stiff member for a few minutes, I could take it no longer. I ripped her panties off, and thrust my c o c k up her tight c u n t. Now we f****** whenever her mother is not around.

  • I bet you wanted to pull her little knickers off and see her c u n t

  • I would have asked for some of her panties and if she minded wrapping a pair round my ck

  • Randy as I was, I knew my limits. Even though she had seen c**** in action, she was an innocent young girl exploring her sexuality and curious to see a c*** for real. I duly obliged but did not touch her and I put my c*** back in the safety of my trousers.

  • Well done

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