My wife his baby

My wife and her boss has been having an affair for over a year, unknown to me, at Christmas time she stopped taking her bc, Yesterday it was revealed to me that she was pregnant with his baby.

As I sit alone while they go out again, I wonder how this will change our dynamics with friends and family, when the baby is black?

Feb 9

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  • My wife is now showing and when I see her all I can do is think of the black baby inside her. The humilation has begun, her sister knows the truth and so does several of her girlfriends. I hear them laughing about it and whenever I walk into the room, I hear words like pathetic, sissy, useless and how she needs real men.

  • I checked back in here this morning, hoping to find that your wife had, by now, aborted that travesty she had inside her, and that your marriage and your life had resumed a more normal footing. Please give us an update. I really do feel for you and I hope it all turns out well for you. You deserve far better than you've gotten.

  • Ogm, dude . . . . . this whole b***** mess is ENTIRELY your fault. YOURS! It's not like you two were just dating: you were f****** MARRIED. When you got a b**** who's that hot and nasty and filthy /fertile, you keep her home (tied to the bed if needed), flat on her back, with her legs spread, waiting for you to come home and breed her dirty ass. OR ELSE YOU GIVE HER THE BIRTCONTROL PILL YOURSELF EVERY F****** DAY! YOU FORCE-FEED IT TO HER IF YOU CAN'T TRUST HER! But what you NEVER do is send her out into the presence of a black male, knowing that she will be unable to resist the entirely natural urge to have him breed her. Not just to get him inside her, not simply to wring his s**** from him deep, deep, DEEP into her sugar pit, but to produce his babies. TO PRODUCE HIS FILTHY F****** MIXED-RACE BABIES. That is why God put white women on the planet . . . . . . to be bred by black men. You will be humiliated by that process, of course, but that, too, is simply the beautiful work of Mother Nature. Praise God that you are allowed to be a part of it by raising His illegitimate offspring.

  • Oh wow!

    Your wife is a lucky woman. There is nothing more satisfying than a bbc

    There is nothing sexier than watching that huge BBC going deep inside your pale white p****. Strethching that p**** in excerpt direction. Oh my god I’m getting all WET just thinking about it.

    You should ask her if you can watch. It’s incredibly sexy. My hubby loves to watch me f*** his black friends. He just sits back and wacks off.

  • ^Beautifully written and completely true^.

  • Yes, I have been allowed to watch several times now and he invites his buddies to f*** her now like she is now his property

  • You should beg her to have an abortion. He wouldn't like that but he doesn't need to know what really happened. She can say she miscarried. If you really do love her, tell her that . . . . . . . and then BEG her not to have any other man's babies. EVER.

  • Let him have her. She committed adultery against you and you don't deserve that. Out her on social media and tell her to go to his house. Then file for divorce.

  • Am I alone in this belief, or does anyone else here think this woman is going to give birth to a "Rosemary's Baby" baby?

  • What are they doing for Valentine's Day today? And what are YOU doing?

  • I had to drop her off at his place. I watched her in the littlest dress walk up to his door, she looked back and smiled. I went home and sat alone in her panties till he texted me around 10pm to pick her up.

  • So, did he tell her to stop taking her birth control, or did she decide to quit on her own, or did she just forget it? Or, best of all, did they perhaps decide together, like they were in love and actually doing family planning?

  • He asked her to stop taking BC and she did

  • Hello: get out of this relationship quickly. she is not your wife

  • She's not his wife? How so?

  • It's a False Flag op!

  • Dump her fast

  • Yeah becuz this isn't going to end well. Its going to be on the local news. One of you is going to the hospital, one is going to the morgue, one is going to prison, nobody's going home. End this PLEASE before it gets really ugly.

  • Maybe you already figured this out, but she is HIS b****, now.

  • Yes, I know she totally is now

  • He will make her give him a key to your house (if He hasn't already stolen YOURS) so He can come and go as He pleases. She may be your wife, but she's His property and so He has the absolute right to come in and inspect His property and use it as He sees fit. Think of Him as a landlord. Or simply as the lord. That is certainly how she thinks of Him.

  • People are going to call her lots of really bad names, and they'll have a few for you , too, and both of you will have earned them all. We want to believe that we have evolved as a society, but I'm afraid that you and your wife are going to see how untrue that is. I think you're both in for some pain. I'm very sorry.

  • Is the black dude married? If you won't have your own wife put an end to this sick f****** pregnancy then you should at least put an end to this sick f****** relationship by calling his wife and telling her he's starting a sick f****** family with a married white w****. It's all sick. Every piece of it! Sick!! You have to shut it all down! SICK!!! I can see it's not your fault (I am pretty sure your w**** wife started all of this by seducing the black man and probably begging him for a black baby, knowing he could not resist that) but you're going to have to be the one to bring it to the ground. Because no one else seems prepared to do that and BECAUSE IT'S ALL SO F****** SICK!!

  • YOU are the one thts sick. Go home.

  • You best be prepared, hun: I was in your wife's position years ago and the likelihood is that her black lover will not nearly be satisfied with her having just one black baby for him. My black man gave me three and made my husband go on the birth certificate as the father for all of them. My best girlfriend from high school has had four by her black lover. Our black lovers beat our husbands to make them stay with us and raise our black children. Black males love to knock up married white women and watch them raise those illegitimates with their white husbands. Naturally, they continue to have s** with the white women until their bodies are completely used up. I got ragdolled by mine for almost 20 yrs. It was brutal but I loved it and I loved him. I still do.

  • I have been preparing as he as her go to his place every day now. It has been discussed and you are correct, I am to be out on the birth certificate and he has said that he will continue to get her pregnant. I love her so much and will continue to, and take care of her and her children as mine.

  • When he brings her back home after he's finished with her, does she always make you eat her out? Both holes?

  • I would love that

  • Yes......... It would be great wouldnt it. So great.

  • You're very strong and brave and forgiving, and incredibly loving. Your wife is unbelievably lucky to have you. My husband has stuck it out, fortunately, but he's bitched the whole way. Please don't do that to YOUR wife: stay or don't stay, just don't be a b**** about it.

  • Will you be allowed to have s** with her AT ALL? Will you be required to use condoms to keep her orifices untainted for him? Or will she be completely off limits to you now? Is he going to allow her to have ANY babies for YOU or will all her children be HIS? Has he gotten her a Queen of Spades tattoo yet? More than one? How many?
    Where are they placed on her body?

  • So you screwed around and ruined your husbands life so some black guy did not have to raise his kids..You should just go hang yourself

  • ^^precisely so, in all respects.^^

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