My moms BFF and I had s** when I was 18

I'll try to make this pretty short but there was a lot to it. I was 18 in my summer before going to college. My parents wanted me to stay with mom's BFF Peggy for the 2 weeks they would be away. I had a summer job and for 2 weeks they thought it better if I had company and this worked best for them. I didn't mind because I knew Peg pretty well and liked her a lot. She was near my moms age around 38 and I truthfully loved her looks and body. She was a business woman/paralegal. Her dress was business but her body said hot to me. I had fantasized about her t*** since maybe I was 12.
Anyway it was agreed on and the first night I stayed there she told me the run of the house was mine and to enjoy myself. In those days there was just 1 TV. It was in her living room that faced the rear of her home. Very secluded. Peggy surprised me when she came home from work. served me a nice dinner and we talked about a bunch of stuff even my dating/s** life. When we went to the living rom she excused herself and went up to take a shower and freshen up for bed. Told me to relax and she would be down soon.
When Peg came down I was taken back at first. She was dressed in a cute night gown and it wasn't sheer or anything but the flow left no imagination she had a nice figure for sure. As we watched TV and chatted, she kept shifting and moving her legs and would tuck them under her but. When she did she revealed a lot of thigh and almost could see her pubic hair at times. I was a normal h**** kid and didn't miss a move. A few times her gown a multiple layer was only 1 layer leaving me a good view of whatever was there. She started to press me more about my s** life. I admitted I hadn't gone very far with girls due to my concern of getting a girl pregnant. She laughed and said girls today know or usually take birth control to avoid not having s**. I excused myself more to get off the subject and left to change for bed. I decided to get into my pj's like her but mine was my boxer shorts and T shirt. When she saw me she smiled and told me she was glad I was relaxed enough to feel at home.
As our conversation continued, she told me she didn't have a boyfriend now and mostly because she hadn't found any she trusted. As we chatted more she moved and this time her t*** flopped a bit and I could see her nipples were getting erect in her nightie. I guess my unabashed eyes told her I didn't miss her moves. From the sexual conversation my c*** was starting to rise in
my boxers. Anyone wear boxers knows they are pretty open. My c*** is about 4-5 soft but it will grow to 9 fat inches when hard. I'm uncut so the c*** k*** is moist when protruding. She noticed my situation and just eyed my growing problem. All of a sudden she shifts around, sits up and tucks her feet under her gown exposing her full thighs and p****. I stared and got so hard my mouth must have dropped because she laughed and said you haven't had s** have you. I said no nut you are beautiful.
She padded the couch where she was sitting and asked me to sit next to her. I got up forgot about my b**** and sat next to her. She put her hand on my lap and told me she was going to enjoy our 2 weeks hope I would too.
That night I lost my virginity and any hesitation about s**. She taught me so much and we f***** every evening and morning before she and I went our separate way for work. The crazy thing was she even told my mom some time later. That is a much more involved story. I'm now in my 70's mom is dead and never regretted 1 day of it.

Feb 11, 2021

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  • Amazing story somewhat the same for me. I had a total crush on my stepmom and my first time was with her in my late teens. first time I saw her completely nude in her bedroom I fainted

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