F***** ass gay ass hoe

I used to do it so much during Elementary School it's embarrassing, I was fr getting dicked down my by cousins and my friends when i was 9 PLEASE.
I stg i was born a thot bc i remember dry humping some other kid when i was like 3 or somethin

Feb 12, 2021

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  • Im a 15yr old female and iv been dry humping stuff for as long as i can remember. Started with 2 female cousins when i was about 7, iv flashed my aunts husband, builders at my house, a teacher, used my cousins electric toothbrush to make myself c** lol h*** iv even let my dog lick my p****, 1st time was an accident but the many times after wasnt. Its ok to be a w****, just be safe

  • Lmaoo wtf

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