S** with my mom's bf

My mom and I moved and she started seeing the guy who lived across the street. I was 11, almost 12. We went over there a lot, he had a pool and I could tell he would stare at me. We gave up our place and moved in and they would have s** loud and after he would stare at me. When she was gone he would "accidentally" leave p**** mags out with s** pictures, which were super graphic and he would say oops! and take them away. Once there was a super graphic one of a girl, her face was all covered in a man's stuff, and he stroked my hair and head gently as he took it away and looked me in the eyes. My heart was racing! I didn't know what I was feeling.

There was some more I guess "inappropriate" stuff like that but I'll skip to the part when it happened. I had just turned 12. It was the middle of the day but I was still in my pj's. My mom was away that weekend, something with my aunt. We were on the couch and he put his hands on my chest. He said "mmm, they're like little strawberries. Can I eat the strawberries?" I silently nodded yes because I wanted to! He slowly undid my buttons and put his mouth on me. I knew I shouldn't but I put my hand on his bulge. He kept whispering oh yes oh yes in my ear. I pulled it out and he said "now you eat me, like sucking a popsicle" and I did.

He moaned a lot but then he said "I want you in the bed" and picked me up. I thought he was going to take me to the big bed in their room but he took me to MY bed, covered in all my stuffed animals, which I thought was weird. He pulled off all my clothes real slow, I remember he was breathing real hard. I thought he was going to have a heart attack or something! He asked "is this ok?" but I didn't say no because I didn't think he would stop anyway, his thing looked so big and purple and angry! And I wanted him to even though I felt bad about my mom. I said yes do it and he said "good girl, you're a good little girl" and I felt weird because I thought I was being more of a woman.

Then he pushed it in real slow and he said "this is gonna hurt" and boy it did but I didn't care. I watched us in the mirror, he looked five times bigger than me, like I was being attacked by a big monster. He put his mouth to my ear and started whispering "don't tell...don't tell" and then pulled it out and made a mess all over me.

That was two years ago and he feels bad about it but I can't stop thinking about it and my mom is going away for the weekend again next week. I checked his browser history (yeah, he finally gave up on literal paper magazines) and he looks at little girl sites! And skinny girls getting it in the rear end! I bet I can convince him to do that to me.

Feb 13, 2021

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  • Do what a good 12 yr old should do

  • Natural...we are sexual beings. Main thing is did you want?

  • Dude, that's f***** up bro

  • Always with the pedophilia on this site , where are the monitors ?

  • Naughty girl. You probably can get him to do whatever. But you have to suck it good first.

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