I had s** with my older brothers two best friends (seperately) and he doesn't know. One was a one night stand, I still hook up with the other.
I'm 16, they're 20
They are the only guys I've f*****
I feel so dirty
I know this was wrong but it felt so good at the time

Jul 8, 2010

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  • Thank you to the last commenter!

  • The age isn't an issue. 20 year old guy and 16 year old girl? I'm a woman. Been there, done that. Yes, according to the law it is illegal but you know it is possible that some laws just don't make sense. At 20 guys are pretty immature, a 20 year old woman would be much more mature. That's just a fact of life.
    Now, getting that issue out of the way -
    Please don't "hook-up" with ANYONE. If you are calling it "hooking-up" it is just tearing you down. Try to m********* or something and save s** for someone who you love and can have a real relationship with. Don't worry, one day you'll be married and won't want s** with anyone. ha ha.

  • It is a totally inappropriate situation. Stop having s** with them for now. It is illegal and the s*** storm that will follow, will also follow you for longer than you want it to.

    Haven\\\\'t you seen the news where girls your age and younger take pictures of themselves and send to friends, only to be charged with creating child p**********? Things have gone crazy. Best to not let it happen to you. 1.5 years. Best to wait.

  • S** is just okay,
    go to like..... fmylife . com
    you'll feel better after reading some of those stories.
    you aren't a w****, unless you do it again.
    use a condom.

  • Ok the last comment is a little harsh. You do realize this chick is only 16 and is therfore young and stupid. I think she knows she screwed up but to leave her with the impression that she created 2 pedophiles is just wrong. (to the 16yr old girl) Look you understand what you did was wrong, but one thing you will find out is that every guy up to about 25 yrs old just wants to get thier d*** wet doesn't matter with who. Just don't let it happen again and for God's sake tell both of these a******* they had better keep thier mouths shut unless they want to be gang raped in prison for Statutory rape of a minor. Because the last thing you need is to be labled the town s*** and if it gets out trust me you will be labled.

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